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full frame photo of a variety of flowers

These flowers are for everyone

Pink dahlia flower with a small green frog hiding between the petals

All Natural

We love our wildlife! At Flowerface we strive to work with the ecosystem and grow our flowers organically so that they can be enjoyed by the bees, frogs, ladybugs and you! We never use any sprays, herbicides or pesticides and grow as organically as possible. We believe that a healthy eco-system contributes to a healthy farm and our flowers are grown with that ethos at the forefront. With no chemicals you shouldn’t be afraid to stick your face in these bouquets to take in the intoxicating scent of these flowers!

Always Fresh

Our flowers are picked at their prime and conditioned so that you get the most of them. Unlike grocery store bouquets, these flowers are often picked the same day you get them.

Not only does this cut down their ecological footprint (no plane rides for these beauties!), it also means you get to enjoy your flowers all week long!

A bucket of freshly harvested pink and purple sweet pea flowers
a hand holding a bright pink zinnia above a background of small white flowers

Grown with Love

We grow our flowers with care and attention. This same method is applied to all our designs. Whether it's a daily bouquet, a table-ready mason jar or an arrangement for a special occasion we put love and care into each and every design that leaves our farm. 

Lots of Variety

We are growing a ton of different flowers, foliage & grasses this season. These will be available as fresh bunches and bouquets over the season and will also be dried to create dried bouquets and wreaths over the winter.

Some things we're growing this season include:

- Zinnias

- Strawflower

- Dahlias

- Snapdragons

- Icelandic Poppies

- Ornamental Amaranth

- China Asters

- Celosia

- Hydrangeas

- Yarrow

- Statice

- Ornamental Grasses

and so much more!

Full-frame photo of a variety of summer flowers
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