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Photograph of the farm at dusk in mid-summer

Committed to local,beautiful & sustainable

The Farm

Flowerface sits on an acre of gently sloping land in the agriculturally rich community of Saanichton.

No-Till Practices

At Flowerface we follow no-till practices, which means we disturb the soil as little as possible and trust the microbes and soil critters to do their thing. Tilling soil repeatedly leads to poor soil structure, erosion and destroys diversity. We promise to follow regenerative practices so that we can grow beautiful flowers while enriching the land we grow on. 

An orange dahlia flower with a ladybug on it
Dahlias in dusky orange light caused by seasonal wildfires

In a Changing World

Our no-till practices and regenerative methods are just one of the small ways that we choose to act in the face of climate change. We hope you choose to join us on this journey of trying to make this world just a little bit better. 

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