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A lush bouquet of dried flowers, available in two colour schemes. 


These are 360º bouquets which are packed with gorgeous dried blooms, foliage and grasses and are viewable from all sides. 


For the best presentation do not remove the wire holding the bouquet together, simply cut the stems to the desired length for your vessel. 


These flowers hold their colour & last indefinitely. They are dried naturally without the use of dyes or preservatives and can be composted when you over them. They do not need water in the vase.


Bouquets are wrapped in brown kraft paper & tied with twine. 

Please allow up to three days for your bouquet to be ready.


***Please note, the bouquets pictured are indicative of size, colour & variety but each bouquet is unique and may differ from the picture***


***Flowerface is a small business and I encourage you to use the "Manual Payment" option, which involves an e-transfer vs. credit card payment. This saves us, frankly, exorbitant transaction fees. Your cooperation is appreciated!***


Dried Flower Bouquet



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